Who is Settlement Masters?

We are focused on helping our clients generate cash for their unwanted life insurance policies.

About Policy Rescue Analysis

The genesis of Settlement MastersTM started in 2005 when KPMG, currently a big-four accounting firm, recommended a business owner client meet with Bob Larsen because KPMG was familiar with the policy rescue analysis we perform. The business owner was the “key man” of a very successful company and it owned a $30 million insurance policy on his life. The business owner was preparing the company for sale and intended to simply surrender the policy for its current cash value of around $238,000. Bob stepped in and sought bids from the institutional trusts that acquire policies for investment purposes. The initial bid Bob received was for $3.5 million which created tremendous surprise to everyone. By the time Bob finished negotiations with the various bidding funds, the purchase price had risen to $6.5 million. The client was obviously ecstatic and KPMG received tremendous accolades for taking the initiative to create the introduction.

Bob formally established Settlement MastersTM in 2008. Today, because of our reputation and experience, we can go directly to the Institutional Buyers acquiring policies which helps to obtain the maximum settlement value for you, our client.

The Settlement MastersTM team has, collectively, in excess of 80 years of experience in the life insurance world that we make available to each and every client.

Trust companies, Attorneys, CPA’s, Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors recommend Settlement MastersTM to their clients.

Did you know?

If you are 65 or older or have experienced a change in your health condition, your life insurance policy might sell for more cash than you realize!