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  • What is a Policy Rescue Analysis?

    A Policy Rescue Analysis is a comprehensive report designed to give a Policyowner the information needed to compare the benefits of keeping their life insurance to the value the policy would bring in the institutional life settlement market. The report is reviewed with the Policyowner, Insured, and Beneficiaries of the policy with sign-offs obtained from all parties.

  • About Policy Rescue Analysis

    Currently, 42 states and the territory of Puerto Rico regulate life settlements. Today, eight states have adopted regulations that require an insurance company to provide written notice to senior policy owners who are facing the lapse of or are intending to surrender their insurance policy that a life settlement is an option that should be considered. A prospective client should also consider using a life settlement broker that demonstrates an excellent reputation and years of experience.

  • Why Sell my Life Insurance Policy?

    Some may wonder why anybody would want to sell their insurance policy. Generally we see four primary reasons a sale should be considered:

    1. You’ve outgrown your need for the policy
    2. New goals within your life’s plan
    3. Your life insurance policy hasn’t performed as you expected
    4. Estate Tax and Business Continuation Plans have changed
  • Am I Eligible for a Life Settlement?

    If you are 65 or older, have some health concerns or impairments and the insurance company that issued your policy is “A” rated or better, you may qualify for a life settlement.

  • How Does The Masters ProcessTM Work?

    Settlement Masters has created The Masters Process™ that each life settlement client is walked through. The various stages are outlined in the adjacent process wheel starting with a client or advisor identifying a settlement opportunity. 

  • Why complete a Policy Rescue Analysis?

    When a Policyowner contemplates an existing life insurance policy is no longer needed or wanted or affordable, the easy conclusion is to give it back to the insurance company for the cash surrender value or “salvage value” as we like to call it. But how do you know this is the “best option” for you or if you are a trustee acting in a fiduciary capacity on behalf of Beneficiaries that it’s the best option for them? Let me give you a couple of examples of why the Policy Rescue Analysis is so valuable. An advisor referred a client to us to complete a Policy Rescue Analysis on a $8 million death benefit policy with a cash value of $590,000. Our analysis included the option to reduce the death benefit to $2.2 million of guaranteed paid up life insurance which the family concluded was more valuable than any other option. A business owner with 16 retail stores was greatly impacted by the “Great Recession”. His CPA recommended that he surrender an existing life insurance policy for the cash surrender value of $29,000 and jettison a term life insurance policy to reduce expenses. The business owner’s attorney recommended he have a Policy Rescue Analysis completed before taking any action. We secured $950,000 for the business owner that he used to develop an online catalog which today is the company’s most profitable division.
  • The Benefits You’ll Receive

    • An understanding of how to keep the policy in force at the current Death Benefit
    • An understanding of how to keep the policy in force at a Reduced Death Benefit
    • An understanding of what Paid Up Insurance Amount can be obtained from the policy’s current cash value
    • An easy to understand comparison of keeping the policy to the Current Market Value of the policy.
    • If you are a Trustee acting in a fiduciary capacity for Beneficiaries, you’ll have a comprehensive report to share with each Beneficiary in order to obtain their individual written approval of the decision to keep or sell the insurance policy.
Call (877) 927-7243 to arrange a time and discuss how we may be able to help you or see if you Qualify for a Life Settlement.

Settlement Masters™ secured our client $1,460,000 for a $10 million dollar term policy.

“Our client had a $10 million dollar term policy for 10 years. His premium was about to jump. The client was no longer interested in funding the policy at the increased cost and was going to let it lapse. Our client allowed us to have the contract appraised in the secondary market and we were able to negotiate an amount of $1,460,000 to the client. Prior to the appraisal the client had no expectation that the policy had any worth beyond the death benefit.”

Situations like these might make a big difference in your life and/or other peoples lives around you. Many clients have benefited from talking to us.

Grab your phone and call (877) 927-7243 to appraise your life insurance policy today. It might be worthwhile!

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