About Life Settlements

About Life Settlements

Broker License and Experience

A prospective client needs to know the broker is licensed in the state in which they are doing business and in which the policyowner resides.

Broker Reputation

A prospective client should gather enough information about the Life Settlement Broker to satisfy any concern about their reputation and experience.

Institutional Funds

A prospective client needs to know the broker they deal with will allow only Institutional Funds or Entities to bid on and ultimately own their contract. Settlement Masters does not allow an individual investor to bid on or own your contract. Doing so protects the character of the sale for the client when the Institutional Funds (for example pension funds, banks and hedge funds) purchase life insurance policies as an investment.

Preliminary Valuation

A prospective client should need to know that the broker will complete a preliminary valuation to give them an idea of what the policy might be worth prior to getting involved in a complete transaction.

Compliance Report

A prospective client should know that the firm they deal with does a complete and thorough Compliance Report that covers each transaction step and all the due diligence that was completed in connection with the transaction.

Did you know?

If you are 65 or older or have experienced a change in your health condition, your life insurance policy might sell for more cash than you realize!