Cases We’ve Completed

We help our clients keep wealth in the family on a daily basis.

We helped a Client Find Cash to Save Their Business and Increase Their Retirement

If you can help someone out of the water with a life raft, you would throw it to them, right? I had a long-time client who was near losing his business. He had the idea that if he could create a catalog and extra clothing inventory, he could get back on his feet and keep the company operating for his sons. However, he didn’t have the funds.

He was 86 years young and had a $2.5 million policy with $433,000 in cash value. We were able to secure a life settlement for him for $1,210,000 which was more than enough to launch the catalog business.

As it turned out, he was right. He was able to turn his failing company around and today he is thriving and he is one of my best success stories.

Not all life settlements need to be for the full death benefit. The owner can retain a portion too.

We were introduced to an 87 year old male who had a $5,000,000 life insurance policy. That policy needed $500,000+ in annual premium to keep it going. We successfully split the policy so the client retained $2,500,000 of death benefit AND (don’t miss the “AND”) eliminated all future premium. This created $500,000 of additional annual income for his family and assets for his advisor to continue to manage.

We helped a Client Create Miracle Cash!

A lovely, healthy 91-year young female had a desire to help her son purchase highly depressed real estate assets in Las Vegas. She intended to surrender her $1.9 million life insurance policy for the $116,000 of cash value.

Her reality was it was worth $662,500 in the secondary market.

When we help the client create what they need for their legacy, it enriches all our lives.

What’s Behind Door #1

An attorney referred me to a 78 year old business owner on the threshold of surrendering his life insurance policy to the carrier for the cash value of $450,000. He was also in the middle of selling his company. After a quick conversation, he decided to let me appraise the value of his policy in the secondary market.

Now there were two choices and what was behind door #1 was no longer as exciting as he had thought. His policy generated $6.5 million in a life settlement deal. He then turned over the money to his investment advisor as additional assets under management.

Did you know?

If you are 65 or older or have experienced a change in your health condition, your life insurance policy might sell for more cash than you realize!