Grandchildren’s Dreams Realized Today

As the grandfather to five boys, Bob Larsen unexpectedly discovered a way to help countless grandparents’ dreams come true.

Ten years ago, Bob was working with a couple who had six grandchildren and very much wanted to make sure those grandchildren had a good chance in life by getting a college education.

They had set themselves up pretty well for their retirement, but they didn’t have the money to help their grandchildren. In analyzing their entire estate plan, Bob found a life insurance policy they had purchased ten years prior for estate tax reduction, but due to changes in estate tax laws they no longer needed that policy.

After contacting the insurance company, Bob found that the policy had a cash value of $80,000, but it had a value in the settlement market of $800,000.

This was a dream come true for Bob’s clients. Now these grandparents could see their grandchildrens’ dreams realized today! Because of this experience, Bob established a business that has helped hundreds of grandparents turn unneeded, unwanted life insurance into a vehicle to make dreams come true while they are alive. It may be possible for you to do the same.

When it comes to deciding whether or not to keep a life insurance policy, there are different facts to consider. Bob’s company, Settlement Masters, performs a complete and unique “keep versus sell” evaluation process. It’s been called the best compliance process by highly respected CPAs and prestigious law firms.

For thirty years, Bob Larsen has run a planning organization that helps families preserve their money for their families. For a private, no-charge, no-commitment discussion about your available insurance options, call (877) 927-7243 or email to request an appointment to discuss the appraisal value of your existing life insurance policies. You could improve and change the futures of your grandchildren now instead of later.

You should consult with your CPA and attorney before making a decision.

Article Featured in Grand Magazine September/October 2015.
Written by Pat Burns


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